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3D-Palace is the worlds oldest independent running and non-studio affiliated training house in the world!  Founded in 1999 by Blue with the help of the 3D IRC Dalnet community, palace is a place where anyone who wants to learn 3D can, simply and easily, whether it be VFX, TV, Games Development or ArchViz.  
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The Super Secret Back-End (ooooh)

Well sure, you can go help yourself to all the free things available on the 3d-palace youtube account, however, we know you want more!  

Tutor Access

Access to the course tutor.  Ask a question and get a qualified response! 

So Many Courses

Everything commercially that 3d-palace has made, you can access right now in the back end area.

Simple Interface

Really easy for you to navigate, the 3d-palace back end features all sorts of useful features, designed for you to be able to use easily.


Forums ONLY for the members of 3d-palace to use.  Meaning no stupid spam everywhere.

LIVE Broadcasts

Access to our live broadcasts for members only via the back end.

Easy to Use and Understand

We will make you a damn good artist, no matter what level you come in at.  Don't believe us?  You haven't got anything to lose! (Except a couple of dollars)


Why choose us ?

  • Popular Courses
    Robots, Spaceships, Rockets, Massive Aliens.  It's great.
  • Best Instructors
    Blue and Leeblues rock their mics.
  • Hard Surface Experts
    Blue has trained artist all over the world for 20 years.
  • Leaderboards & Contests
    You want to test yourself?  We run contests all of the time!
  • Badges & Certificates
    Because sometimes people need those stinkin' badges! 

What's available?

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